I am the relative newcomer to Rio Rancho High School, having arrived here from Cibola High School down in Albuquerque on October 12, 2017. I spent 14 years at Cibola as an English teacher and one year at Ernie Pyle in Albuquerque's South Valley as the English as a Second Language teacher.


At Cibola I served as English Department Chair for two years, and I was the girls' soccer coach for five years. Before moving back to Albuquerque, I served Lee County Public Schools in North Carolina as an English as a Second Language coordinator for seven years and I was the head soccer coach there for the same period of time.


Academically, most of my interests have focused on language and language acquisition. I completed an Associate's Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, which made obvious to me that I didn't have the passion for radio that I thought I did. My Bachelor of Arts Degree is from UNM in Human Communication with a concentration in Professional Writing, in which I confirmed my passion for writing. Also at UNM I did my graduate work, culminating in a Master of Arts Degree, specializing in Organizational Communication. 


My teaching certification is from East Carolina University, with a research certification from University of North Carolina at Greensboro. When I began my doctoral studies I was concentrating on Developmental Psycholinguistics, which is, simply, the study of how children acquire language.


After twenty-two years of being a teacher, lecturer, and coach, I still find great satisfaction in watching students succeed.